About Us

Silks that sing tales of heritage, legacy, and excellence.

The journey that started with the vision of becoming the pioneer in silks has now reached the destination of being a name synonymous with eternal style. Pashudh's story is not just that of a brand; it's the history of a silk-weaving community.

A visionary who embarked on his life's voyage as a weaver, Kanchi K Ethirajulu, made the transition to being a designer in 1920. Subsequently, he started handling multiple weaving looms, and the family business flourished with each new generation. Introducing the mechanical jacquard and many such innovations in the field of handlooms enabled us to gain a stronghold in the business world. Our foundation was K. V. Kumar Silks, headed by K. K. Rajkumar and K.K. Suresh Kumar, with a focus on B2B sales, wherein the world-renowned Kanjivaram silk sarees created were sold directly to retailers. The expertise of our weavers and solid infrastructure comprising world-class machinery in weaving technology enabled us to produce top-quality Kanjivaram silk sarees. 

Ms Jeevitha Rajkumar, our CEO, and Ms Vinodhini Suresh, our CMD, wanted to enter the B2C market, which gave birth to Pashudh. Established in Arani, a quaint little town in the Thiruvannamalai district, Tamil Nadu, Pashudh prides itself on creating a strong digital presence, delivering magnificent Kanjivaram silk sarees globally.

Upholding a design philosophy that adapts heritage Kanjivaram silk weaves to suit the sensibilities of modern women, Pashudh offers a wide variety of silk sarees that you can flaunt on all kinds of occasions, right from casual to elite. Lending the love of the craft a personal touch, our Managing Directors themselves contribute their insights while designing the sarees. This results in each Pashudh saree exemplifying the virtues of contemporary design, ultimate precision, exceptional quality, and optimum comfort.

With a great legacy comes great responsibility. The weavers' community that forms the backbone of Pashudh's path to success comprises about 750 people, all of whom live and breathe silk sarees. The organization is focused on equipping them with technological advancements, education, and anything else necessary to aid in their evolution into a self-sustaining and thriving community of weavers. 

Pashudh aspires to present the magic of our looms before the world, with a level of finesse and elegance that has never been seen before. Furthermore, we wish to communicate our love for weaving silk sarees and our legacy through our products. One day, we hope the global community would think of Pashudh every time they think of silk sarees.

Timeline -

1920 – Kanchi. K. Ethirajulu (Weaver to Designer)
1945 – Kanchi. K. E. Venkatachalam (Expansion of Business)
1976 – K. V. Kumar (K. V. Kumar Silks)
2006 – K. K. Rajkumar (Managing Director, K. V. Kumar Silks)
2010 – K. K. Suresh Kumar (Managing Director, K. V. Kumar Silks)
2017 – Ms. Jeevitha Rajkumar and Ms. Vinodhini Suresh (Pashudh)

Founder: K.V.Kumar
Board of Directors & Designers: K.K. Rajkumar & K.K.Suresh Kumar
CEO: Mrs. Jeevitha Rajkumar
CMD: Mrs. Vinodhini Sureshkumar