The long life of your Kanjivaram silk sarees is in your hands


With the right care, your silk saree can last generations in all its glory. We bring you some hacks that your grandma will vouch for and some that will be news to her. Read on to know more!

  1. Dry cleaning is not your only option when it comes to washing your Kanjeevarams. While you cannot use hot water, you can wash your Kanjeevaram sarees in plain cold water, for the first three times, and still ensure that the sheen stays the same way.
  2. Never use detergent to wash your yards of legacy! Instead, use mild protein shampoo or soapnut powder (mildly mixed with water) to wash your Kanjeevaram sarees.
  3. Yes, we know that drying our clothes in the sun has its own merits, but with a treasure like the Kanchipuram saree, only air-dry it in the shade. Direct or harsh sunlight may cause more damage than one may expect.
  4. While storing these six yards of elegance in our wardrobes for an extended length of time, be sure to avoid hanging the sarees on metal hangers as they cause deep creases in the folds of the sarees. Use cotton cloth bags and fold the saree inside-out to better preserve the color of the saree over decades of time.
  5. We might have seen our mothers use naphthalene balls or camphor to keep our Kanjivaram sarees fresh and fragrant-smelling. Let us tell you, it is not a good idea at all! Use neem leaves packed in paper or silica gel packets to keep fungi/other insects away from your treasures, and fresh smelling!
  6. Since we wear our beautiful Kanjivaram sarees to occasions where traditional food is served more often than not, know that you can remove any minor stains from your silk sarees with immediate application of some talcum powder, and washing it out with mildly shampooed water later. Using drops of petrol to flush out stubborn stains is also a possibility, but be very careful while opting for this method.
  7. It goes without saying that the usage of perfumes or deodorants directly onto the fabric of the saree is a big NO. It might cause discolouration of the silk and that’s something we absolutely want to avoid.
  8. Lastly, we all know that the Kanjivaram silk saree is a long-term investment. So while we do have to store it for decades, one has to make sure to take out the saree and refresh it from time to time, say once every 3 months, to keep the saree flowy and as good as new!

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