Alert! Astonishing Kanjivaram Silk Sarees Colours for this Summer Wedding

Summer wedding colours often feature vibrant and bold palettes, taking advantage of the season's abundant sunshine and warm temperatures. Positioned between delicate spring pastels and the rich jewel tones of fall, summer provides the perfect backdrop for vibrant hues to take center stage. Whether it's the cheerful energy of long summer days or the desire to create a lively atmosphere, these summer wedding color schemes cater to a variety of styles and preferences.


Dusty Blue and Lavender

For a summer wedding exuding elegance and romance, the enchanting color scheme of dusty blue and lavender stands out as a timeless choice. This combination, perfect for bohemian or rustic wedding styles, creates a dreamy and ethereal ambiance. Dusty blue, with its calming and soft tones, instils a sense of tranquillity, while lavender adds a touch of femininity and romance to the overall palette. Elevate the natural beauty of your celebration by incorporating wooden and green elements into your decor, creating a harmonious and visually appealing atmosphere. This color duo lends itself seamlessly to nature-inspired weddings, providing a cohesive aesthetic for your guests to enjoy. Enhance the allure of this pairing by incorporating delicate floral designs into your wedding invitations, ensuring an elegant and captivating introduction to your special day

Peach and Sage Green

Embrace the vibrant and warm essence of the summer months with the timeless color scheme of peach and sage green for your wedding. The soft, warm, and sophisticated qualities of peach make it an ideal choice, infusing romance and femininity into your summer celebration. Paired with the refreshing and calming nature of sage green, this combination creates an inviting and elegant ambiance, perfect for any couple's special day. Particularly well-suited for a backyard wedding, the peach and sage green palette harmonizes effortlessly with outdoor settings, especially when complemented by natural elements like wood and foliage in your decor. Elevate the overall sophistication of your celebration by incorporating these hues into your table settings, flower arrangements, and bridesmaid Saree.


Yellow and Emerald Green

A summer wedding adorned with a vibrant colour palette of yellow and emerald green promises to be a celebration filled with energy, charm, and natural beauty. The dynamic combination of these hues captures the essence of the season, bringing forth a sense of warmth and liveliness. Yellow, with its cheerful brightness, injects a burst of sunshine into the festivities, creating a joyful ambience. Complemented by the luxurious and sophisticated emerald green, the palette takes on an elegant and refined quality, making it ideal for a wedding set amidst nature. Consider incorporating these colours into your wedding invitations through bright floral designs or playful patterns to set the tone for a memorable celebration. Embrace the timeless appeal of yellow and emerald green to infuse your summer wedding with a sense of enchantment, ensuring a truly unforgettable start to your journey together.

Yellow Kanjivaram Silk Saree



Coral and Turquoise

Celebrate the warmth and vibrancy of summer with the timeless and trendy color combination of peach and sage green for your wedding. This pairing exudes sophistication and creates a welcoming atmosphere, ideal for a summer celebration. The versatility of these colors shines, especially in a backyard wedding, seamlessly blending with outdoor settings. Enhance the natural charm by incorporating peach and sage green into various elements, from bridesmaid Saree to flower arrangements and table settings, ensuring an elegant and relaxed ambiance for your special day.


Blush Pink and Peach

For a summer wedding filled with romance and femininity, the combination of blush pink and peachy tones is an exquisite choice. These soft and elegant hues bring a delicate and charming vibe to your special day, perfect for a beach, garden, or any outdoor wedding. Incorporate this stunning color scheme into your wedding invitations and decor for an enchanting atmosphere. Consider using delicate floral designs and ombre watercolor textures to enhance the romantic aesthetic, creating an unforgettable and timeless look that will captivate your guests.

Halo Blue and Silver

The combination of halo blue and silver is a standout choice for summer wedding colors, offering a serene and glamorous touch to your special day. The calming qualities of halo blue perfectly match the sunny summer days, while silver accents add a touch of luxury. This versatile color scheme can be seamlessly incorporated into various elements, from wedding invitations to decor and floral arrangements, creating an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere for your summer celebration.


Pink, Yellow & Orange Wedding Colors

The summer wedding color palette inspired by rainbow sherbet brings a vibrant and whimsical touch to your celebration. Featuring sunshine-inspired hues of pink, yellow, and orange, these colors naturally complement each other on the color wheel, creating a visually stunning combination. To add a touch of contrast, incorporating hints of white flowers or fresh greenery will enhance the lively and cheerful atmosphere of your wedding day.

Hot Pink & Green Wedding Colors

Create a tropical paradise for your wedding with this vibrant colour palette. Hot pink adds a playful and energetic boost, while various shades of green can be introduced through elements like palm leaves, monstera leaves, or fern fronds. Consider adding an accent color like yellow or purple, or let the lively combination of pink and green take center stage for a lively and tropical-themed celebration.

Orange Wedding Colors

Orange can be a challenging yet bold choice for a summer wedding color palette, but with the right styling, it can be a showstopper. Combine soft coral with deeper tangerine orange and yellow for a vibrant and fiery look. This bold and intense color scheme is perfect for couples who want to make a statement and infuse their celebration with energy and warmth.

Orange Wedding Kanjivaram Silk Saree

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